Have you been ELFED ???

Office Max has an app you can down load


OfficeMax has a great app where you can elf yourself it’s a pretty good app the only thing that sucks is you have to buy the other teams enjoy yourselves making your ELf comedy for  Christmas season.9

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My child had LOST HIS MIND…!!

Well we all have children or at least some of us do. SO we know on a daily base HOW CRAZY OUR MORNINGS CAN GET. I’m only 27 I have 3 lovely children and I go to college to be a MEDICAL ASSIST ,then of to nursing school I go. I use to be a stay at home mom and all I had to do was wake up send my 7 yr son to school and stay home with my other two little ones. Unfortunately do to economic times I need to help out with the bills around my apartment and I had to go back to school. I miss my kids dearly and I’m all was stressed out .at this point in time I’m trying to keep the peace in my house but it seem that no one respects eachother until I get pissed the hell of and start dropping F bombs left and right . My other half seem to use the excuse “oh I work 3 shift I need my sleep “. Will not help clean but will add to the mess I bite my tongue just not to fight. But I’m SUPER TIRED.I COME HOME I HAVE TO CLEAN THIS CRAZY MESS AND COOK THEN STAY UP TILL 230 AM TO FINISH UP MY HOME WORK WHILE THE KIDS ARE SLEEPING.IM not trying to say I can’t do it but why should I have to do it alone. I’m always stressing that I have to pay day care 800.00 every month cause he can’t watch them Cause he to tired ….but my aunt and uncle did it and made it look easy . My oldest has ADD COMBINED TYPE AND is acting up in school and going crazy but the school is not understanding that him being on the bus with a million hell razors it not going to help him. My children walks in at a 30 and seem to only go back down to a 25. I keep telling my self my life can only get better from here . I refuse  to have my children  have the life I did . Well I’m signing off ….I have class this morning ….. HAVE A BLESSED DAY



I would like to wish everybody a happy holidays and I just want to send out a reminder to everybody just to watch their close family members and make sure everybody is ok and if you have somebody who is just tale some time out


of your day to make them smile it just goes to show that you care and being depressed is serious matter so do not take it lightly and I want to wish everybody a happy holiday and enjoy the new year

About ME

Soooooo….. Let’s get started about me my name is Nicole but I like to be called Nikki I started WordPress because I saw one of my friends on my facebook just had one and I actually spent time reading it and she did a really good job and I wanted to try this out never blogged my life but I’m in college now and I have to trust my inner writer skills and open a new door so let’s see how this goes…